We are a multi-disciplinary team passionate about innovations in customer experience. We engage the right domain expert to lead each of our client engagements, whether it needs end-to-end customer experience design, service or product design, a process for innovating, artificial intelligence, data science, or organizational design and transformation. 

Gassia Salibian

Gassia Salibian, Principal, MBA

Research, Service & Experience Design

Gassia is the founder and principal of Future-Proof. A service designer, experience architect, and qualitative researcher, she forges innovative solutions from her multi-disciplinary background in architecture, design, ethnography, technology, business, and operations.

Clients come to Gassia to help them discover untapped opportunities in their interactions with customers and use those proprietary insights to design products, services, and businesses that have a competitive advantage. She brings a deep expertise of business success drivers to the innovation process. Ranging from startups to Fortune 100 companies, her clients include Amgen, Kaiser Permanente, UnitedHealth Group, Autodesk, VMware, Cisco Systems, Dolby, Coursera, HSBC, Bank of America, and BP.

Gassia holds a dual Masters in business and architecture and a Bachelor of Science from MIT. She is an accredited "Master Service Design Trainer" and is certified as an expert in Customer Scenario Mapping, Design Thinking, and Lean Six Sigma. She currently serves on the national board of the Global Service Design Network and has led the San Francisco chapter of the Customer Experience Professionals Association.


Our Team

We craft seamless, effortless, and intuitive customer experiences. To do that well, we often partner with some of the smartest and most talented design thinkers, behavioral psychologists, organization designers, user researchers, business process engineers, UX designers, data scientists.

Liz Dunn

Liz Dunn, BA

Product Management

Liz is a seasoned product manager with a magic touch for getting stakeholders on the same page and moving in the same direction. Starting out in Silicon Valley as a tech writer at General Magic, she has served as product director for Excite, Kodak, Technorati, Funny or Die, and Verizon. She advises companies on scaling complex, strategic business technologies that impact the quality of their customer experiences. She has a BA from UC Berkeley and is now working on a book about Silicon Valley in the 90s. in

Reza Ahmadi

Reza Ahmadi, PhD OrgP

Organizational Strategy & Change

Reza specializes in organizational change & workplace strategy. He uses data-driven and ethnographic methods to help companies tune their socio-cultural DNA to enhance business performance. We leverage Reza's Organizational Psychology expertise to design employee experiences that lead to great customer experience. His clients include ADP, Citrix Systems, BioMarin, DIRECTV, Matson, Merck, Philips, QBE Insurance, UC Berkeley, and Warner Brothers. He is Principal at Emergent Solutions. in

Alex Pratt

Alex Pratt, D-MBA

Service Design

Alexandra is a service designer and experience strategist, helping our clients create powerful brand experiences. Drawing from qualitative research, quantitative sources, and design thinking methodologies, she brings a versatile toolkit to help clients design smart and empathetic services. She has helped clients across many sectors, from banking, to childhood education, to cannabis. Alex holds an MBA in Design Strategy from California College of the Arts and a BA from New York University. in

Steve Ransom

Steve Ransom, MBA

Research & Business Innovation

Steve is a user research expert, combining his backgrounds in entrepreneurship and psychology to help companies like Facebook, Google, SAP and Autodesk balance product with business design along with a generous helping of human behavioral science. He has worked in software, consumer and medical products, electric vehicles, and aviation. He holds an MBA and a BA in Cognitive Psychology from Tufts and has taught Design Thinking and user research methods at The Presidio School MBA program. in

Vivek Mohta
Melissa Cliver

Melissa Cliver, MDes

Service Design & Research

Melissa is a seasoned service designer who has consulted for The Gates Foundation, Grameen App Lab, Mayo Clinic Center for Innovation, Nordstrom Innovation, Intel Labs and The Institute for Money, Technology and Financial Inclusion. She brings 10 years of expertise in turning research into actionable design directions, including its societal impacts. She holds an MFA from Rutgers and a Masters of Design from Carnegie Mellon where she studied service and interaction design. in

Vivek Mohta, PhD Math

AI Strategy

Vivek is an AI strategist who orchestrates a team of machine learning engineers to provide innovative solutions to business problems. He has an unparallelled capacity for translating business goals into algorithmic requirements. Vivek holds a PhD in Mathematics from Harvard and dual degrees in Math and Physics from MIT. He is a Managing Director at Manifold and advisor to our data-intensive projects. in

Frank Guo

Frank Guo, PhD psych

User Testing & UX Strategy

Frank is a User Researcher & UX Architect who has helped companies like Google, Twitter, Netflix, eBay, Oracle, Yahoo!, PayPal, Alibaba, StubHub, and Walmart.com develop products that users love. He has published award winning professional papers on topics ranging from advertising and web promotion to eyetracking, persona development, and product strategy. He designed 4evercard - a revolutionary digital business card app. Frank holds a PhD in Cognitive Psychology from UCLA. He is Principal at UXStrategized. in

Carolyn Suh, BA

Brand & Business Strategy

Carolyn is a strategist and brand expert. Taking a holistic view of the customer journey, she helps clients innovate across physical, digital and human experiences. She’s a glass-half full change agent, helping clients lead strategy and orchestrate vision. She has worked with innovation teams for leading brands in retail, health and tech. Carolyn is a graduate of Duke University and is a native North Carolinian. in

Charley Scull, PhD

Ethnographic Research

Charley is a visual anthropologist working in design research and consumer insights. His camera is an integral part of his work and remains one of his preferred tools to gather data, uncover insights and share impactful stories. He has consulted for Fortune 500’s, Not-for-Profits and start-ups across industries. Most recently he conducted ethnographic research into the future of transportation. Charley has a PhD in Cultural Anthropology from the University of Southern California. He is co-founder of Filament Insight. in

Esther Kang

Lilian Tydings, DMBA

Service Design & UX

Lilian has 15 years of experience building successful design teams and human-centered services that are valuable and delightful. She brings high energy, decisiveness and positivity to teams and loves to draw out their best work. Most recently, she designed end-to-end service experiences for Uber and was Design Director at Blackboard. She has a BA in Digital Design, an MBA in Design Strategy from California College of the Arts and is certified in project management by Georgetown. in

Esther Y Kang, MA

Human-Centered Design

Esther is a researcher and strategist with a focus on sociological principles in design. She has served as the inaugural human-centered design expert for the White House Initiative on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders under the Obama Administration. She teaches human-centered design at NYU’s Wagner Graduate School of Public Service and at Pratt Institute. She was named a disruptor by CSQ Magazine as part of their 2018 40 under 40 list. Esther holds an MA in design. in


UI, UX & Visual Design

Scamper is a painstakingly detail-oriented visual & interaction (UI / UX) designer with a sublime talent for bringing to life simple and seamless digital experiences. Unfortunately, he really likes cake. in